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  • Re-discover your body and your sexuality
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"Overall it was a very positive experience and I came away feeling energized and relaxed, during the session I was made to feel very comfortable and if I hadn't looked at the time afterwards I would have had no idea how long I had been on the table. Its a shame we didn't make a little more progress with the sexological/taoist aspects however I think that was more down to me not coming with any expectations or any real aims or goals, but that said I certainly didn't feel like I left 'empty handed' - I certainly feel like there have been many benefits and as the day progresses I feel like I am becoming more aware of the benefits of the bodywork and massage, and I am still feeling the tingle I left with, I also feel like this is the start of me making some changes to my life which are all related to today!"

Mike from London

How does it work?

If you are interested in going deeper, I'd love to join you in your journey. This might happen via conversations and/or bodywork. Are your ready for it? Then feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you! Choose what you prefer:

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Hi, I am Klana, Sensuality- and Life Coach. I support women and men to unfold their erotic potential and have harmonious and fulfilling relationships. As a certified Sexological Bodyworker I help people to experience embodiment.  

Schedule a free 20 minute session in which we discover how I can support you to live a more content and exciting life.

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