025 Why Your Partner Is Not Listening

Vincent Clohessy has been fascinated by love and relationship dynamics since he was seven years old, when he first met and fell for his new classmate Melissa.

Growing up in pubs in London’s East End in the late 70’s and early 80’s was an education in how people can be difficult with each other.

Having moved to Ibiza in 2011, we met and Vincent began his formal eduction into Life Coaching at Sage University.

Now living in his home town of London, he is building an online platform to help people to fall in love and stay in love. Supporting people worldwide through one-to-one and couples coaching sessions to establish the most effective ways of understanding each other more clearly, to communicate effectively and connect intimately to create loving relationships that last.

We talked about:

* Is it better to talk about the person or the issue?
* Where the breakdown in communication often happens
* Fight, flight, freeze response
* The importance of the right time and place for a discussion
* To look what’s the real reason behind an upset
* Why blaming doesn’t work


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