Coachingtools on the rocks

We made it! Happily we arrived back at our starting point. My friend Brenda wanted to show me around while I was staying at her house in Austin/Texas. She picked the „Enchanted Rock“ near Fredericksburg to go on a little hike. We drove about 2 hours west, through a beautiful lush green landscape: Pretty flowers…

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Reacting vs Responding

The other day my colleague Vincent Clohessy and I showed in a role play on a Facebook live, how communication can fall into blaming, shaming, avoiding responsibility, defending yourself, being abusive. I started the conversation out of anger, telling Vincent what he did wrong. He got triggered, started to defend himself and to remember all…

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How I healed some of my fears in Egypt

How to conquer your fear in narrow rooms

Last month in Egypt, I faced one of my deepest fears. Since early childhood I was afraid of darkness, and claustrophobic in narrow rooms and in big crowds of people. That kept me from experiencing a lot of exciting things during my whole life. Entering the first pyramid, I turned around after 3 meters. I…

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Close the Old and Start a New Chapter

Congratulations! You made it! 2017 is almost over and I hope it was successful for you. For me it was full of challenges, lots of learning/coaching and extraordinary experiences. Two friends, younger than me, died in the first months. That made me realize once again that life is too short to be wasted with hard…

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Good sex can be learned! – The Clitoris

Clitoris - only purpose is pleasure

The media inundates us with permissive forms. Nudity is everywhere. So you would think that we are free to deal with sexuality, to talk about it openly. But far from it! Speaking about often dominates with boredom, frustration and even speechlessness in the bedroom. How can we have fulfilled sexuality? Sex education, if it exists…

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KlanaTV: Stella and Klana on Self-Pleasuring

  To listen to the conversation, please click on the play button in the picture below:   In this blab-show Stella and I talk about the importance of self-pleasuring and give a clue how you could bring in variations to your usual practice. Are you an erotic explorer? If so, my 30-day transformation-program may be exactly the right thing for…

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Klana is Guest at BeverlyD’s Blabshow

It was so much fun to be on blab for the first time. BeverlyD invited me to her blab-show “Be the Creator…Be the light for the world with your Special Gift!” Thanks to BeverlyD, Maureen Haskell and Dylan Watts! Our conversation starts around min 13:30.   To watch the show please click on the play…

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How Alive Do You Want To Be?

Klana und Vinnie Monaco

I’ve had the pleasure of having a dear friend of mine visit me on the island from Australia these last few days. Dr. Vinnie Monaco is on his ‘Aliveness Tour’ throughout Europe and the United States. Vinnie is a former Chippendale stripper! He started his tour on Ibiza at Santa Eulalia del Rio with a…

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A Bride Without Orgasm

Bride without orgasm

  Guest article from Alexandra Haas – Special Moments, Zürich The girls were really on it. They were enjoying their hen night, the Prosecco flowed freely, the catering was delicious, and everyone was in a playful mood. They had booked the deluxe package and were enjoying it to the fullest. I tried to keep up…

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How I Got Rid of Old Beliefs Having an Orgasm

Blick auf Sta Eulalia

“Are you ready for change?” She asked me. Immediately I said YES! The aim was to eliminate one of my debilitating beliefs about money. Which had more control of me, than I would have preferred to have admitted. She gave me a few simple tasks for the afternoon: 1. Do something which is really good…

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