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Klana's Bodywork

With my touch offer in Berlin-Neukölln I would like to "touch" you in many ways: 

Pamper your body, your mind and your senses

and give you an experience that brings your body energies into flow and gives you new strength.

When energy flows undisturbed, we feel our bodies light, warm, pulsating and full of resilience.

Do you long for touch and deep relaxation?

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Cultural Bodywork

Cultural Bodywork is based on Hawaiian Kahuna teachings with Maori and Aboriginal influences.

Characteristic for Cultural Bodywork are the long intensive strokes, which are performed over the whole body and give you a deep feeling of wholeness. The muscles are loosened, the metabolism is stimulated and the lymphatic and immune systems are stimulated.

I invite you to really let go, to leave the "ballast" of everyday life behind you.

Investment in your well-being 111,00 €/ 60 min

Intuitive Tiefenentspannungs-Massage

With my intuitive deep relaxation massage I pamper your body, your mind and your senses. 

Intuitive flowing stroking, kneading, gentle or vigorous, tailored to your needs, releases tense muscles and brings you relaxation.

Your energy system is balanced, your self-healing powers are activated. This massage brings you into a deep rest, your body energies into flow and gives you new strength.

Investment in your deep relaxation: 111,00 €/ 60 min

Klana’s Inner Balance Method

This massage method, developed by me, lets you relax through active receiving

We connect your language with your body and you learn to express your desires. 

This is an exciting journey into your own mindfulness

You will get to know your body in a new way and what influence your breath has

My method will help you in all areas of your life. Especially in your relationship. You will learn what kind of touch you like and you can ask your partner to do it.

Since somatic (body-based) learning does not work overnight, I recommend a series of at least 3 sessions here.

Investment in your inner balance: 450,00 €/ 3 sessions а 60 min.

Experience first hand how people perceive my massages:




Want to do something good for you and your body?

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