Clearing Your Beliefs to Success

Recondition your mind for immense success in business and life

No Pain No Gain

This is one of the many beliefs I grew up with. It really stuck deep in my bones. For decades I functioned that way. Even if I found something I loved doing, I turned it into hard work!

Another thought determined my (non-) actions: I am not good enough.

My mother is a perfectionist. Nobody could ever make a thing right. I ‚inherited‘ this behavior and gave myself and the people around me a hard time.

Of course this attitude didn’t serve me in several ways:

  • I often didn’t do stuff, because it was never ready = perfect enough to be delivered.
  • This is a crazy: At the same time, I didn’t feel good enough, I was thinking others could not do it as good as myself, which caused overwhelm due to the fact I didn’t delegate.
  • I felt small because I thought everybody else can do this and that and I am not able to. I was judging myself hard. No matter that nothing worked out like I wanted and everything was hard work! Telling me that „I am not worthy“-story over and over again carved this belief even deeper into my mind. Of course I got evidence that everybody else was doing better and having success that I hadn’t!

Judging yourself means not being aligned, not self loving, not being attracting the right client, not making enough money.

These are just two of my major beliefs that kept me from thriving in my business and life.

Anyways, here I was, always invested in myself, discovered my passion… and boy, did my stuff come up! Things came up that triggered me, made me think „What are you doing“, „Who are you to do this", people telling me why I shouldn’t or couldn’t do it...

And that’s where I really had to use this tool. I had to keep re-connecting to myself and listening to my heart.

I've just finished an online meeting with Klana to help with removing old beliefs and clearing blockages. Klana is so easy to work with. I felt the blocks moving and the new positive beliefs settling. I know now that all the changes I wanted to make have been made immediately. I'd highly recommend working with Klana. Thank you for everything.

- Kate Telford

You have to learn how to clear these things that come up to sabotage you.

One of the tools I use is a simple procedure that helps you stop acting out of fight or flight mode and reacting and being stuck.

It takes you to a place of inspiration and connection to your energy and source energy.

I had a healing session with Klana about my patterns, my fears and even past traumas and it was amazing!
She listened carefully to what I had to say without any judgement, she put full attention one me, and i felt that someone really care and interested to know my story. This was very powerful, because she was listening with intention to understand, and not to give me an answer or an advise.
After Klana gave me very meaningful feed back, and found a spot that I was not aware of even existed. She showed me what I had to focus on in order to change my destructive believe that didn't allow me to be fully happy.
Her approach is very empathetic, very kind, very accepting and very genuine. talking to her i had a feeling i was talking to my self, or someone who knows me well and knows what i want and need.
She showed me one simple tool how to change these destructive believe in a 10 min session. Using power of words and a mind I really transformed my believe in to something beautiful. I really recommend anyone to try a session with her. It was very powerful, and yet, very simple! Everyone can use in in a daily life without much of an effort! What a gift! Thank you Klana!

- Natalia Faeh

When you are in self sabotage there are beliefs that you can’t control on your own consciously. I know, I tried. You need the help of a tool and often a person that can help you get in there.

You can have a session with me where you bring me the One Thing that you really need change, that you haven’t been able to clear, or you maybe haven’t figured out what it is. I’ll lead you through the 6 step-process. I’ll help you identify it, and clear it and that will give you a great start to move forward.

Using this simple and extremely powerful practice, you will be able to shift from chatty beta mind into the awesome theta mind state anywhere, anytime, to experience the kind of limitless thinking that leads to massive life success.

I am fully satisfied and inspired by the online meeting with Klana, which was about changing old beliefs and releasing obstacles. Klana briefly explained her 6 step method. With her support an effortlessly change was possible, and I was able to directly perceive how blocking energies disappeared from my system.
Everything was so easy and playful and I now feel like applying the method on my own and experiment further. Thanks Klana. A hot tip if you want to change something in your life.

Monika Blattner

Get your spot now! I did one of these amazing sessions with Klana Andrea Ludwig and it was so powerful. She has a wonderful process and vision technique that really uplifts and empowers. I've already started to see results!

Diahana Barnes


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