Close the Old and Start a New Chapter

Congratulations! You made it!

2017 is almost over and I hope it was successful for you.

For me it was full of challenges, lots of learning/coaching and extraordinary experiences.

Two friends, younger than me, died in the first months. That made me realize once again that life is too short to be wasted with hard work and worrying. So I chose the other route. My motto became: „ENERGY FIRST!“.

As a consequence, I treated myself to things that lit me up: Having coffee with friends at the beach, sitting in the sun while talking to clients on the phone, which is easy on my beautiful island, and much more… 🙂

Because I LOVE learning and traveling, I joined like minded coaching-groups on the internet, attended classes at my original coaching school in Ibiza and traveled a lot between Ibiza, Germany and Austin/Texas. Working with clients and practicing with different professionals in several countries, deepened my knowledge of bodywork.

But most of all I did a lot of inner work. Which, by the way, is perfectly supported by bodywork, because our body stores all emotions during our life time.


For years I let myself be governed by the outer world. Education, society and the opinion of others determined my life. It was everybody else’s fault, but never mine.

I’ve learned to take responsibility, 100 %. I am the creator of my life.

How about YOU?

It’s not that I have left all old behaviors behind me yet. But now I am much more aware. I am able to catch myself thinking negative thoughts and turn them into positive beliefs.

I have got fantastic tools to do so.


🌀 Why don’t you find a nice place, make yourself comfortable, maybe with a candle and a cup of tea, and write the things that didn’t work out so well on a piece of paper? See if you can find a pattern or beliefs that are laying behind. When you found them, write them down.

🌀 Then rephrase them into new beliefs that serve you. Take a new piece of paper for these. Speak them out loud and, this is important: let your body, mind and emotions feel it deeply. Smile! 🙂

🌀 You can intentionally scrunch up and throw away the sheet with the negativities or burn it at a safe place to leave those old beliefs behind you.

🌀 When you’ve done this, take a blank piece of paper and write down all the things you’d like to be acknowledged for in 2017. I suggest you formalize this and begin with „I acknowledge myself for…“. Then you put the action you want to be acknowledged for. Be short and precise.

For instance you could say:

„I acknowledge myself for …

… getting up every morning and doing exercises.

… writing constantly on my book every other day.

… hiring a coach.“

… whatever comes to mind.

I bet this list will be longer than the first one and one piece of paper will not be enough. You have done a lot of amazing things this year. It’s good to bring it back to mind and celebrate yourself for the things you’ve accomplished! 👏  🍾  🎉  🎇

Now you finished up the past and are filled up with joy.

To start a new chapter, I gift you with my: “6 Ways to Move from Pressure to Pleasure“

Happy Holidays and stay in Pleasure,