Gym Exercising For Your Love Canal


My interview guest today is Simone Glanemann. Simone designs and manufactures a utensil for women called Love Balls. The following is my question and answer session I recently had with her:

Klana: Hi Simone! You are manufacturing and selling something similar to ‘Ben Wa’ balls. They are made of “precious“ stones. Can you tell us a little bit about what they are used for?

Simone: Hi Klana! I design and manufacture gemstone balls and eggs, called pleasure balls, in goldsmith quality. They are used to exercise the “pubococcygeus muscle”, also called the PC-Muscle. But you can even use them as a sex toy or as intimate jewellery.

Klana: Why did you choose stone as a material?

Simone: I choose gemstone, because it is so close to nature. A lot of gemstones are used as a remedy. Vaginal balls have a long tradition in China. In the old China, the empresses and their concubines wore rose-quartz eggs and balls to train their “love-channel”. So my idea isn’t new, it was only forgotten in these modern times.

Simone Glanemann Kugel15228rho

Klana: Can you use every “precious“ stone?

Simone: No! Most of the stones are toxic when in contact with the mucous membrane. So there are only a few stones that I can use for my work. Even the hardness is important. The harder a stone the better.

Klana: Why do you recommend these balls? How do they help me have better sex?

Simone: I recommend these balls, because so many women have a big problem with their PC-muscle. Unfortunately, most of them don’t know how easy it could be to solve the problem. They live with discomfort of backache and incontinence. They think that their orgasmic problems are their fault. It is a fact that exercising the PC-muscles is a big taboo. This is such a pity.

Another problem is, that pleasure balls have a history of disrepute. There are so many businesses that make false promises. They talk about orgasmic balls. And so most people think, as soon as a woman wears a pleasure ball, that she will have an orgasm. Most of these people try pleasure balls once and then never again, because they are disappointed.

Unfortunately most of the providers have only ‘twin balls’ to sell. These are considered sex toys and used during sex when the vagina is wide open. But to exercise the PC-muscle, it is much to much. The female anatomy doesn’t have enough space to wear two balls at the same time and feel comfortable with them. I recommend for exercises that you use a single ball.

The truth is, you have to exercise the PC-muscles as you do with every other muscle you train. You have to do it for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks before you will feel the difference. This makes your vagina strong and ensures good blood circulation. After a while you will notice that you are much more moist. All these things will boost your ability to reach orgasms.

Klana: Who uses your balls? Why do they use it?

Simone: My balls are good for all women! Exercising and discovering your intimate region is a good thing for every woman. But in fact, there are some special times in a woman’s life, where the balls are very helpful. These times are for example: pregnancy, the time after giving birth, the time after a diet, in and after menopause. The balls also have a psychological effect. So they can help you to find a way back to self-love and healthy self-perception after a traumatic experience.

Klana: How do the balls train the pelvic floor muscles?

Simone: When you bring the ball into the vagina, it will slide down. Over the spinal cord you will get the impulse to tense the PC-muscles to hold the ball into yourself. The ball is pushed up and so the game starts over. This happens unconsciously. This means, that you have to  work with it. 

Simone Glanemann Kugel15229rhoB

Klana: How do I start using the ball? How long can I keep one in?

Simone: First you choose a ball from my shop. Take your time when selecting it. Listen to your heart! If you choose a ball you really like, you will use it better and more often. After you receive the ball, pal up with it. It is not necessary to put it into the vagina the first few days. It is also ok, if you just hold it in your hands. Or give yourself a massage with it. Wait till you are open minded.

When you are open to feel the ball in you, take time and rest. Best that you lay on your bed or somewhere else where you feel warm and safe. Then put the ball into your vagina. Sense it. After a while try to remove it. It is normal, that you would think, your vagina will not give up the ball freely. Relax and press as you would do so at the toilet. You can also gently pull the string. Feel how the ball comes out of you.

The next day, you can wear the ball for a few minutes. In movement, the effect of the training is best. Step up every day a few minutes more.  As soon as you have the impression that it is enough, you can quit the exercises. After a few days or weeks you can keep a ball inside as long as you want. Listen to yourself.

Klana: Thank you very much for the interview, Simone!

Sensual greetings,


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