How Alive Do You Want To Be?

Klana und Vinnie Monaco

I’ve had the pleasure of having a dear friend of mine visit me on the island from Australia these last few days. Dr. Vinnie Monaco is on his ‘Aliveness Tour’ throughout Europe and the United States.

Vinnie is a former Chippendale stripper! He started his tour on Ibiza at Santa Eulalia del Rio with a workshop in which he showed women how to strip. Every single participant was lit up and shiny from their experiences afterwards.

I took the opportunity to ask Vinnie a few questions about how a man sees a woman (for that matter, women). In it, Vinnie points out that sensuality has a lot to do with aliveness.

We both show women and men how to feel better in their bodies and to appreciate their beauty. In our workshops and with individual bodywork sessions, we teach you how to “strip off“ the stresses of life, cultivations, expectations and pressures that society puts on us.

If you have the opportunity, meet Vinnie on his Aliveness Tour! You’ll find details on his website or contact him on Facebook.

If you would like to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Ibiza, find and deepen your sensuality or become clear about what to do with the rest of your life, the “Transformational Retreat for VIPs“ might be just the thing for you.

Please feel free to contact me to get more information.

Sensual greetings,


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