How Find The Right Sex Coach Or Sex Therapist?

“How do I find the right sex coach or sex therapist?“,

asked a participant in one of my “Intimacy Talks“ recently.

That’s a very good question. It means that she is searching for assistance to unlock her erotic potential.

I am sorry, but I don’t have a unique answer for that question. I can only tell you how I would proceed: If I wouldn’t want to ask my friends, I would do some research on the internet.

What exactly are you looking for? Do you want to get therapy, consulting or coaching? Do you want only conversation or are you also interested in bodywork and touch? Who offers those services and who fits for your issues?

Study the relevant pages and the testimonials. You might say there is only positive feedback. Nobody would give negative comments on their own website. Right, but how the things on the website appear to you is good advice for your decision. Are you attracted by the presentation? Do they write about topics you are interested in? Some sex therapists specialize in certain fields or groups of people. What qualifies this person for their offer? Is there a picture? Do you like her?

Check to see if the coach or therapist you choose offers a free consultation. Schedule an appointment over the phone or perhaps it’s possible to meet them in person. Your intuition will guide you if you want to open up yourself with this person. Listen to it.

I always offer a free first consultation so that we can get to know each other. This usually happens via phone or Skype. When I am in your town, it’s also possible to meet in person.

Book Your Free Consultation20 minutes

My "Intimacy Talks“ are also a good opportunity to get to know me. They take place via Skype/Google Hangout and also live in different cities.

These are all good opportunities to see if we're a good fit. If your decision is a "Yes", you can first try one single session before you book me to guide you in a longer transformational process.

Good luck in choosing the right sex therapist or sex coach. And  here is wishing you a lot of sensual pleasure on your way to unlocking your erotic potential.

I would be pleased to hear about your experiences. I’d love to know what is interesting for you on the topics of sensuality, intimacy and relationship. Then I could write about it in my blog.

Warm regards,


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