How To Talk To Men

Communication builds bridges of understanding between men and women. We all know how it feels when we reach deep connections with members of the opposite sex. Harmonious relationships yield peace, prosperity and passion for women that take the time to learn the language of love.

Too often communication breaks down, leaving both men and women frustrated and angry. We have all been hurt by the words and actions of the other sex. When harsh words separate us from the very people we need, marriages break down, careers stall, and families lose vitality.

How to Talk to Men in Business

How to Talk to Your Partner

The How to Talk to Men weekend can give you the communication tools to build vibrant connections with the men in your life. You can learn to open the heart of your mate, win the trust of your business associates, and protect the aliveness of your sons.

This workshop will open your eyes to the protective nature of men. You will learn how to win that warrior nature over to your side. You will also bond deeply with other curious women who are equally committed to unraveling the knots that can occur between the sexes.

Participants laugh, cry, and pour their hearts into the process of finding happiness with men. This workshop employs enlightening conversations together with unique role-play to reveal the breakdowns in your communication.

You will learn how to:

How to Talk to Your Sons

  • Focus your conversation on events rather than interpretations.
  • Discover how to get your way by giving in.
  • Explore self-destructive habits and behaviors.
  • Develop an environment of unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Reduce or eliminate conflict from your relationships.
  • Forge a new basis for cooperation.
  • Improve your feelings of self-esteem considerably.

Take this chance to create positive change in your life. It will cost you a few days and Euros to breathe new life into your connections with men. Call if you are curious.