Thomas De Gennaro/

How To Touch A Woman

Learn how to have her in your finger tips.

As a Sex and Life Coach (certified Sexological Bodyworker) I follow my passion for touch.

My true love is to teach men how to touch women so they surrender their deepest treasures. Men who touch women with good technique, combined with sincerity and truthfulness, will enjoy deep intimacy and pleasure.

As my student, you will practice whole body and intimate touching on me, a compassionate, articulate and sensual woman.

A session with me will enhance:

  • Your knowledge of female anatomy and techniques of female arousal
  • Your ability to feel and enjoy your own sensation
  • Your confidence, erotic communication skills, and ease with a woman.

In our time together, you will take your loving to the next level. Hands-on practice with me puts you ahead of most men who try to guess what a woman wants. You’ll learn a full spectrum of touch sensations, caress vs. massage, presence vs. performance. Time with me is an investment in a lifetime of enhanced pleasure and intimacy.

Call me
 +34 622 068 188 or send an email to
to schedule your appointment in my private studio in Sta Eulalia/Ibiza.
I will travel. Please contact me for rates. 

My work is confidential, touch is one-directional from you to me, using your hands.