Ignite Your Feminine Confidence

30 Day Kickstart Program
For More Freedom And Pleasure In Your Life

Ignite your Feminine Confidence to have

more Harmony and Joy in your life and your relationships!

Who is that amazing woman that hides deep inside?

You work hard for your money, you are exhausted and you have no time for your family or are alone because of this. Your sex-life sucks or is non existent, you are unhappy with your body. You're always under pressure to be productive. Old habits hold you back from moving forward into a life of joy and ease. You realize that you've lost the connection to yourself.

I was there. But then I discovered how to escape the hamster wheel and it changed my whole life!

I established a daily practice of meditation and experienced my body in a sensual way, learned how to communicate better and hired a coach to help me find out what I really wanted to do with my life. 

By opening myself up to these new realms and to spiritual guidance, a whole new world began to unfold. I am filled with self trust and confidence and I am seeing my life and business magically unfold:

  • When I am not traveling, I am living in a city that I love
  • My magnetism increases
  • The right clients come
  • I have amazing relationships

You can live your life on your own terms too!

Who would you be if you could break free and let your soul speak?

I invite you to my 30 Day-program that will transform your life!

  • Developing a better connection to your body and yourself.
  • Reducing shame and guilt
  • Creating a daily practice of self-care and self-love
  • Being grounded and focused even in times with heavier work loads
  • Being confident and magnetic so that you attract the right people and opportunities

This is going to be a private setting with 5 weekly hour long calls on zoom, which are a combination of teaching, coaching and Q & A.
Learn in the privacy and safety of your own home.


  • Audio of my chapter " How To Live Your Life Orgasmically" of the book ONE, your wellness guide to
    body, mind & soul
  • A meditation to use at your convenience
  • My personal "pleasure box" of my best tools for pleasure and alignment to help you during
    the class and yours to keep after the class
  • A follow-up call

Set yourself up for success!

Being in alignment and having a good set of skills is key for your relationships, your job, your health,
your life quality.
It's the most important thing I've done to create a happy life. I know how to live a content life with confidence and pleasure and so will you.

After these 30 days you will:

  • Be more connected with your body and soul
  • Be more confident and magnetic so that you attract the right opportunities and people
  • Know how to align yourself in every given moment
  • Have tools for your "pleasure box"

Investment: 1.497 EUR

Listen to Gwen's experiences she had working with me.

What clients say:

"By no small feat, this course has completely revolutionised my outlook towards my professional and personal life. As a highly ambitious and perfectionist type I knew prior to the program that I liked to push myself to achieve, study and do more. I hadn’t realised, however, just how deeply unhappy and disconnected from my self I had become through this attitude, and how little real pleasure I was experiencing in my life.

The disgust I felt at my body throughout the exercises and intense guilt in taking time to have fun were feelings I didn’t even know to have until undertaking the course. However, I have learnt through it what it really means to feel pleasure, from my body, who I am and what I love to do – not in the perceived pleasure of pressure and forced achievement.

The course was excellently designed and structured with a plethora of exercises and daily reflections on the journey we were undertaking. I was really impressed with the support available from Klana as well as the open forum for sharing with the other participants. Having a community experiencing similar feelings with the direction of Klana throughout overall brought about a great change that has stuck with me since.

As a freelancer I am now better adept at recognising when I am pushing beyond what is productive and have recognised the greatest power of all for authentic creation – pleasure! I wholly recommend the 30-day program for anyone looking to reclaim their sparkle and fire, Klana is an incredibly warm and gifted woman perfect for leading us ladies into more delicious lives!" - Nina, England

"It’s really quite radical what changes when you just enjoy yourself! Everything has changed so fast for me. When I am meeting people, I feel I am talking with a presence now. I like to socialize but I always felt it was a chore, I couldn’t wait to get home half of the time. Now I really enjoy interacting. I feel more alive. People are coming up asking me, what’s going on. A lot more is happening. I am so much happier in myself." - Gemma, England

"I realized that I put on a show and did sex not for me, but for the other person. So the Orgasmic Yoga felt foreign to do it for myself, taking pleasure in it just by myself.

Now, that I am developing this relationship with myself, I don’t want to get involved in things like that any more. Things, that I know don’t feel good, but I do them anyway. Now I realize that I respect myself so much more. So good! And communicating when it doesn’t feel right and not just carry on." - Sandra, Ibiza

"With this slow exploration I have started to feel more whole. If I was feeling stressed and out of myself, I would smoke a joint to feel I came back to my body, but since I’ve been doing all of this, I just don’t feel to do it. And if I do it, it doesn’t feel right. I feel like I am actually going out of myself by smoking a joint now. That’s really been big for me." - M., Ibiza

"It’s a long time since I stopped pleasuring myself. It was good, when I now did it again for the first time, a feeling of well-being, freeing my body which was so tense. I wasn’t aware that my body missed it so much." - Emily, USA

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