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Coach for Empowerment, Energy Healing & Bodywork

The majority of us (at least my generation in Germany), are raised to work hard for their living: Fun can wait until you are dead. 😉

Often we are not aware how important it is to take enough time for the things we love doing.

I used to be like that. Like so many, I worked in a stressful corporate job. One day, I asked myself if I wanted to go on like this until my retirement. My answer was
„No“, too boring!

Life mostly sends you what you need, in the right moment. So, I met a person who told me about coaching. Next thing was, that I bought a ticket and found myself in a coaching-seminar in Ibiza.

It was challenging, it went deep. I was confronted with a completely new way to see my life and business. But I realized that this would be the chance to escape my boring life.

After taking several classes there, I decided: I am moving to Ibiza! Which was something for me, because I am very much into security, and this was for me like being in free fall.

I started taking the whole coaching training for 4 years and became a professional coach. In the coaching training I learned a very valuable set of tools that I teach my clients.

Learning by doing, and many little projects to detect what I like and what doesn’t fit, were the ingredients of my life for several years. Doing this, I discovered that I like to touch and to be touched. So, I took vocational training to give massages and then offered massages, private coaching and communication classes.

Some funny events finally brought me to my next life experience: I attended a training to become a Sexological Bodyworker.

That was my biggest challenge so far! However, I got rid of a lot of my inhibitions and learned to love my body.

Today, I talk about sex like others talk about the weather. Being at ease with this topic that is still so taboo in our society, is the greatest gift I made myself.

Constantly learning new tools,  I am enhancing my skills. Yes: I am a seminar junkie 🙂
Different kinds of energy work play a big part in my work to make my client's lives better.

All those trainings helped to transform myself into the woman who is so different to the one I used to be. I am having an exciting life with much more pleasure, I am traveling, moved to Berlin after 9 years Ibiza, have better relationships and sex, and a thriving business.
Alone, I could never have come so far.

If you want to transform yourself into a happy, confident human, living a life in pleasure, having good relationships and a great income, I invite you to attend one of my private programs or retreats. Because my mission is to empower as many women and men as possible to live their Magnificent Life at ease and in harmony!

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Hi, I am Klana. I work with individuals and couples who think they've lost their spark, don't feel themselves any more, and miss deep intimacy so that they have harmonious fulfilling relationships and an amazing sex life.

Imagine getting up every morning in a good mood and everything runs smoothly all day long. You feel good about yourself, many great opportunities open up and you keep meeting interesting people. Money flows effortlessly into your pockets. You are in the flow and experience harmony in your private and business life.

That's a new energetic state for you, where your life, your outer world will look different because you will be feeling different inside.

I use all my tools and all my gifts to support you on your journey of transformation

We'll work on the mental, the spiritual and the physical body.

    What clients say:

"For me the session was a deeper realization in importance of being connected to body and soul simultaneously. The one cannot function completely without the other. Balance is important.
Through the breathing exercises the deeper connection to the body and the tensions in it are ‘touched’. Although I have done more breath work, this breathing experience is something I will apply more in my daily life. It is the first contact to all that my body is.
The massage helped to channel my energy through every cell of my body, which gave me an energized feeling during the session and this lasted for the rest of the evening. For me it was beautiful to discover how my sexual energy is not only focused around my intimate organs, but really is an all over body experience.
This form of intimacy with myself I feel I need to explore more. For me it is the source of how I can manifest my life. My body and especially my intimate body holds so much life energy in it which is key for my growth as a human.
Thank you Klana for giving this opportunity to discover and experience."


"I was fascinated by your kind of coaching, which is not only a mixture of sensitive touch, massage, meditation, but also sharing techniques and experiences from your professional life. This mixture allows both, my private and my professional life to give a positive change of direction."


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