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My own transformation

Like so many, I was working in a stressful employment. One day I asked myself if I wanted to continue like this until I retired. My answer was 

"No, way too boring!

Life usually sends you exactly what you need at the right moment. I met a person who told me about coaching. Next thing I knew, I bought a ticket and found myself in a coaching seminar in Ibiza.

It was challenging, it was profound. 

I was confronted with a whole new way of looking at my life and my future business. I realized that this would be the chance to escape from my boring life.

After several courses, I decided:

I'm moving to Ibiza!

Klana - Ibiza

This was something big for me because I was in great need of safety and I felt like I was in free fall.

I went through the training academy for 4 years and I was trained as a professional coach.

During this time I learned very valuable tools that I pass on to my clients.

Klana  The Pleasure Alchemist

Hi, I'm Klana and I'll show you how to reconnect with yourself so that you can face the outer chaos of this world powerfully, confidently and with inner peace.

Imagine getting up every morning in a good mood and everything runs smoothly all day long. 

You feel good about yourself, many great opportunities open up and you keep meeting interesting people. Money flows effortlessly into your pockets. You are in the flow and experience harmony in your private and business life.

That's a new energetic state for you, where your life, your outer world will look different because you will be feeling different inside.

I use all my tools and all my gifts to support you on your journey of transformation. 

We'll work on the mental, the spiritual and the physical body.

I took massage trainings, added massage to my coaching and offered communication courses.

The next step was my biggest challenge yet: becoming a Sexological Bodyworker

With every inhibition I let go of in the process I learned to love my body and myself more. Today I talk about sex like others talk about the weather. 

My ease in dealing with sexuality is the greatest gift to me in this society that still considers this topic taboo.

I am constantly learning new things, refining my skills.

Different methods of energy work are a great support for the development of my clients.

All this has contributed to my transformation into a woman so different from the one I used to be. 

After many travels and 9 years in Ibiza, I moved to Berlin in 2019. The change has become my friend. 

Now I draw from my center and I am grateful for the peace and tranquility I have found within myself.

Without my coaches and mentors, I could never have come this far.

Do you want to transform yourself too?      Live an enjoyable life?     Cultivate good relationships?

Then I invite you to book a retreat or program with me.

My mission is to accompany you in discovering your inner wealth.

To support you in creating your life and relationships with confidence, courage and serenity

Regardless of what is happening on the outside.

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