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"All is Possible"-Call

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Tense, stressed, and overwhelmed?

Already feeling tense at the mere thought of trying to relax somehow, let alone taking a quiet moment for yourself to clear your mind and emotions?

If you want to experience more joy, freedom, and serenity, maybe even more strength for your everyday life or a new perspective on life/work, then the "Out-of-Stress, Into-the-Oasis Call" - or shortly "All is Possible" Call - is for you.

In "All is Possible," I meet you where you are, or we first gather your scattered parts, bundle them up, clear your energies, so that afterwards and beyond, you are back in connection with your whole being.

You have clarity about yourself, where you stand, where you want to go, and know your next steps.

You are only committed to yourself and can initially book individual sessions instead of a whole program. Only when you decide on longer support from me do we put together a package that fits you.

13 years ago, I was faced with the question of whether I wanted to continue spending the rest of my life like this. My answer was clearly NO!

But I didn't know where to start or what direction to take. Luckily, I met someone who connected me with coaching.

With the support of my mentor at the time, the journey of discovery to my new, real ME began. 

He helped me to discover confidence and a sense of adventure, so that I gave up my old life in Germany including my job and started a new one in Ibiza. 

It was the best decision of my life!

What clients say:

Get your spot now! I did one of these amazing sessions with Klana and it was so powerful. She has a wonderful process and vision technique that really uplifts and empowers. I've already started to see results!

Diahana, USA

As a freelancer I am now better adept at recognising when I am pushing beyond what is productive and have recognised the greatest power of all for authentic creation – pleasure! 

Klana is an incredibly warm and gifted woman perfect for leading us into more delicious lives!

Nina, England

I had a healing session with Klana about my patterns, my fears and even past traumas and it was amazing! She listened carefully to what I had to say without any judgement, she put full attention one me, and i felt that someone really care and interested to know my story. This was very powerful, because she was listening with intention to understand, and not to give me an answer or an advise. After Klana gave me very meaningful feed back, and found a spot that I was not aware of even existed. She showed me what I had to focus on in order to change my destructive belief that didn't allow me to be fully happy.

Natalia, Ibiza

You have the power to give your life
new momentum and meaning!

If you want to be accompanied professionally and lovingly on your journey to yourself, book an initial consultation with me.

After this "All is Possible" session, you will be aware of what is preventing you from reaching your full potential and you will have clarity for your next step

You will also receive tools to regulate your nervous system so that you can make good decisions for yourself at any time.

Your invest
250 EUR

The session typically lasts for one hour.

After payment, you will be directed to calendly.com where you can immediately choose a time slot. If you don't find anything suitable there, please contact me via email or phone.

The session will take place via Zoom.

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