Q & A


How is a sexual coaching session conducted?

We start with a detailed talk about your issues. Depending on what you want, we stay with the coaching conversation or we might proceed with some bodywork tailored to your individual needs. At the end of the session you talk about what you experienced and learned.

Where do the sessions take place?

I work at different places in Europe. Sometimes the work takes place in my own facilities, at other times, we will work at your home or in your hotel. Usually I work with a massage table.

Can I touch you?

The touch will only be one way. It is about you and your experience with your body.

I will be dressed and will wear gloves when I touch inside your body.

Personal hygiene

I ask that you to come freshly showered to our appointment(s).


The agreed price is to be paid in cash before each session.

What if I suddenly become emotional and cannot continue?

Emotions are welcome!

We will work together to make sure you feel safe and at ease during each session. It is your choice where your constraints are. You choose your boundaries, but be aware that growth sometimes means stepping out of your comfort zone to expand your boundaries.


I am an educator and coach, not a therapist. Body-based erotic education should not be used as a substitute for physical or psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment.