Sensual & Erotic Massages

Sensual and Silky

Mindful and sensitive touch of your body. I stimulate your senses with feathers and scarfs. This massage is suitable for those who wish to regain their sensual body consciousness and feel joy in your own body. Even as an entry for other tantric massages.

Whole body massage excluding the private parts.

Mystic Meditation

Slow, repetitive touching evokes a pleasant, sensual and meditative state. (With genital contact)

Let all the stresses of the world go and connect deeply to body, mind and soul.


Tantric Massage

The Tantric Massage is a sensual experience. In this full body massage, which includes also the private parts, there is nothing to do but to surrender and enjoy.


"Klana is an intuitive talent when it comes to physical touch. She knows what your body really requires, even if you do not quite know it yourself. She can tell this intuitively as well as physically. I had two sensual massages with her, including the Tantric Massage. What I got was far greater than anything “sexual”. It was an emotional and physical connection. It was emotional and physical repair.
She also gives of herself. It is not just her hands or her techniques. You are getting her full energies, you are getting her personal soul. She becomes fully devoted to you in that moment.
What you get is a magnificent rainbow of sensations. A series of exquisite experiences which gives you exactly what you need.
Don’t think twice. Decide that you want her services, then talk with her. She will know what is best for you. Then just let her guide you through the rest."


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