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The Sexyness-Check

Out of the habit -
Into more liveliness and love

You don't want to be eaten up by everyday life and finally feel butterflies in your stomach again, enjoy real intimacy with your partner, laugh, love and have good sex.

It is your birthright to love, to be loved and to have fun in life.

But often the daily routine brings monotony and also conflict situations.

The relationship slowly dries up, like a plant that gets too little nourishment.

Mostly it just needs some water and a little fertilizer to revive!

I am happy to support you:

In the "Sexyness Check", we get to the heart of your issues, clarify and activate your body awareness so that you can reconnect with yourself and feel calm, safe and alive.

From this state of clarity you can make the decision for your next step for real heart connection.

Thirteen years ago, I realized that I always ended up in the same relationship drama, no matter which man was by my side. I had no idea how to resolve it.

Luckily, I met someone who connected me to coaching.

With the support of my mentor at the time, the journey of discovery to my new, real ME began. I learned to step out of the relationship drama. 

Since then my life is lighter and full of love.

What clients say

Working with you does good and is a great help. Liberating.

I appreciate that you listen and observe without bias. You see people holistically and pick them up where they are. 

I was able to open up quickly even though we didn't know each other. You look at things from different sides.

I come closer to myself and now have the courage and strength to tackle certain points.

Steffen, Berlin

I know now that I have to take good care of myself and that if I'm well and I go into the day well, then the family is also well and the rest then has to take care of itself. Everyone has to take care of themselves so that everyone is well.

Melanie, Berlin

There are many things we can do in our intimate and sexual lives that we haven't even explored yet. 

That's exciting to me, too. It doesn't have to be just what we know. I was very confident to see that my partner was open to it. I didn't think that before.

Our connection has grown. It has been fun!

Brenda, Austin/Texas

You have the power to give your relationship and
your life new zest!

If you want to be accompanied competently and lovingly on your journey to yourself and to encounters on a heart level, book an initial consultation with me.

After the "Sexyness-Check" you will be aware of where you are standing in your own way to experience a fulfilling relationship and what first step you can take to change.

You will receive tools to regulate your nervous system so that you can make good decisions for yourself at any time.

What do you need to invest?

60-90 minutes of your time and
199 EUR

After payment, please contact me by email or phone so that we can immediately arrange the appointment for your Sexyness-Check.

The session will take place via zoom.

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