Sexological Bodywork


Certainly talk therapy can be enormously helpful for people working on sexual issues, but body-based coaching is what allows people to really integrate new knowledge about intimacy and erotic energy into their lives and relationships. When people experience new capacities for pleasure, they are empowered to transform their erotic lives.” - Caffyn Jesse

Who is my Sexual Coaching suitable for?

I work with people of any sex, age or sexual orientation. Some will expand their sexual experiences, while others have a special topic they wish to explore.

Sexological Bodywork can be helpful if you

๏ Have difficulties staying present during sex, because you mind is too busy

๏ Are addicted to pornography or fantasies

๏ Want to explore new body zones like the G-spot, prostate or anus

๏ Have problems with arousal

๏ Orgasm too quickly, too slowly or not at all

๏ Have feelings of shame surrounding sex and pleasure

๏ Are looking for inspiration in masturbation

๏ Have a poor body image

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You, as the receiver, are invited to develop a stronger relationship with your body and its potential for arousal. Heightened awareness is the key, to discovering fears, blockages or patterns that may inhibit pleasure or arousal and transform them.

With a fulfilled sex life, you will bring more happiness and energy into your day-to-day existence.

There are various elements that may be used in your individually adjusted session, like:

๏ Coaching / Consulting

๏ Breathing exercises

๏ Mindful Touch

๏ Genital Massage

๏ Genital Mapping

๏ Anal Massage


๏ Pelvic Release

๏ Taoist Erotic Massage

๏ Erotic Dance Massage

๏ Various kinds of meditation

๏ Orgasmic Yoga (conscious masturbation)


I am an educator and coach, not a therapist. Body-based erotic education should not be used as a substitute for physical or psychological examination, diagnosis, or treatment.