Touch is as important as breathing, eating and drinking. Everyone needs contact. It is a basic need.

Berührung ist wichtig zum Überleben.

We are living in a society that is considered fairly touch hostile.

Without touch we won’t die immediately, but we waste away slowly, first emotionally, then physically. If energy is jammed or blocked in our body, we feel sluggish and heavy, our muscles are tense, pain arises.

Our physical health, vitality and well-being are influenced by the flow of our own life energy.

I offer touch! To pamper your body, your mind and your senses and give you an experience that will make your body energy flow and give you new power.

When energy flows undisturbed, we feel our body lighten, warm, and become vibrant and full of elasticity.

Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage is a sensual experience. With this full body massage, which also includes your private parts, there is nothing to do, but to just surrender and enjoy.

Klana's FUNtastic Bodywork

Change pressure into pleasure with gentle movement and touch.
This system is in tune with the feminine spirits and uses soft, easy patterns of touch and movement bringing awareness to the areas of discomfort. And don't forget the fun that goes with it! 🙂

Cultural Bodywork

With Cultural Bodywork massage, I spoil your body, your mind and your senses. It brings your body's energy into flow and gives you new power. This massage is an extraordinary wellness massage without genital contact.

SexCoaching und Sexological Bodywork 

Sexual Coaching is useful when you want to work on sexual topics. Sexological Bodywork goes one step further. It is a body-based coaching for all who want to feel their sexual energy more.

Touch Coaching

In this workshop for individuals or couples, you will learn the different qualities of touch. You can practice and get honest feedback.

I.E.T. Integrated Energy Therapy

I.E.T. is a gentle yet powerful energy work that gets the " issues out of the tissues." Within our body there are powerful emotional memories stored in cellular structures. At times, these can cause blockages that affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I.E.T. uses a focused energy ray working with 9 healing angels to safely and painlessly clear these blockages and uplift the mind, body and spirit. Sessions are fully clothed.

Life Coaching

You feel the time is right for a change. Everything you need is already inside you. Your talents and visions that still lie dormant are brought to the surface by intense individual coaching.