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Coach for Empowerment, Energy Healing & Bodywork

Are you feeling stuck right now and wondering if that's all there is to it?
You feel listless and empty?
Maybe you are afraid to go further and sabotage yourself...

Blocked energies limit our quality of life and can lead to lack of spontaneity, loss of energy and even disease.

Some causes of energy blockages are

*physical trauma 




*emotional crises 

*repressed emotions 



*self-limiting thoughts

Integrated Energy Therapy® or IET® helps to rebalance the energy of the body's cellular memory and allow the energies in your body to flow freely.

Are you open to healing support from multidimensional space?

For thousands of years, Eastern medicine has focused on the electromagnetic energy field of the human body.

This energy has been found to flow through prescribed channels, similar to our veins and arteries. 

They are called meridians and are the pathways that bring energy to all organs to nourish and replenish them.

In our life's journey, this flow of energy can be restricted or limited. You can think of the energy pathways as riverbeds that are blocked by a beaver dam. The dam doesn't stop the flow, but it limits the flow and creates an area of energy stagnation. 

These restrictions are called energy blockages.

Do you want to let your energy flow freely? 

I offer IET® - Distance Sessions. 

Your investment in your blockage-free well-being is about 60-90 undisturbed minutes and 111 EUR.

Book your appointment here:

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If have a question please email me to klana@klana.tv

I look forward to taking this extraordinary journey with you.



Hi, I'm Klana and I'll show you how to reconnect with yourself so that you can face the outer chaos of this world powerfully, confidently and with inner peace.

Imagine getting up every morning in a good mood and everything runs smoothly all day long. You feel good about yourself, many great opportunities open up and you keep meeting interesting people. Money flows effortlessly into your pockets. You are in the flow and experience harmony in your private and business life.

That's a new energetic state for you, where your life, your outer world will look different because you will be feeling different inside.

I use all my tools and all my gifts to support you on your journey of transformation

We'll work on the mental, the spiritual and the physical body.

What clients say who experienced the IET® sessions:

I booked a remote IET® treatment with Klana. I myself work in the field of bodywork and was very surprised about the effect.  Before we started, I formulated my intention for this session with Klana. I lay down. Sometimes I felt warmth in some parts of my body during the treatment and even fell asleep for a short time. After the session we talked on the phone again. 

A day later I had so much clarity within myself. I was able to make a phone call which I had postponed for a long time and could change things in this conversation  for the positive.

Elena Schulze

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