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Holistic Mental- and Body-Coaching

Klana - Holistic Mental- and Body-Coach

Your Adventure Toward a Better Life Begins Here

Are you looking to:

More ease in everyday life?
Clear thinking again, without a whirlwind of thoughts?
Live more authentically?
More joy in life?
Being in a loving relationship with your body?

If you're a sensitive soul seeking emotional resilience and a more fulfilling life, you've come to the right place.

"Reconnect, Power Up and Thrive -
90 Days to Clarity, Energy, and
Inner Strength"

How to make the first steps into your Happy Life now!

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Klana-Coaching, Mentoring, Healing

Klana Mahani

As a holistic mental and body coach, I support you on your journey to reconnect with your true self and design your life in joy, harmony, and happiness.

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What clients say

Working with you gives me ease and is a great help. Liberating.

I appreciate that you listen and observe without bias. You see people holistically and pick them up where they are. 

I was able to open up quickly even though we didn't know each other. You look at things from different sides.

I come closer to myself and now have the courage and strength to tackle certain points.

Steffen, Berlin

I want to sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to open a new important chapter in my life. 

This very first breathing session last January changed something in me forever and set me on a more spiritual path. 

Stéphane, France

Thank you for your healing energy and presence. I must say that you made me feel so safe. You are a kind of protective figure to whom I can show and be my full and true self.

Nicolette, Holland

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