Klana - The Pleasure Alchemist

Coach for Empowerment, Energy Healing & Bodywork

How much pleasure do you have in your life?

You don't feel yourself any more

You feel lonely and empty

You miss deep intimacy

You've given up on your values

You think you've lost your spark

You are frustrated of fighting with your partner

You don't know how to voice your needs

You don't even know what you really want

 eAny of this look familiar?

Have you ever considered looking at your life holistically? 
Looking at how each part of your life fits together as a whole while nourishing each part at the same time?

What if...

If you work with me, you learn to create from your source, your inner knowledge and feeling. Often we have lost access to it.

I lead you to yourself, so that you act from a place of self-love, trust, inner strength and confidence.

You get to know and love your body in a new way. You'll discover new possibilities of sensual pleasure.

If you are one with yourself and know what your body and mind need, you radiate a strength and contentment that attracts the right people magnetically.

You will soon notice that this will have a positive effect in all areas of your life. Your private and business relationships will change. Many things will become easier. Especially if you use the simple communication tools that you can learn from me.

You have the power to take charge of your life!

Are you ready for transformation?

Discover the simple formula for a Magnificent Life and fulfilling relationships:

Identify what's sucking the life out of you

Get clear about your desires in your life and your relationship and what is holding you back  and getting in your way

Tap into your personal power

Learn how to align yourself in every given moment so that you are able to decide and take action  out of your inner knowingness. Set your mind up for your magnificent life!

Communicate your needs and wants

Communication is key. You get and practice a set of tools that enables you to connect in a deeper way so that you get what you want without manipulation.n.

Embrace your sensuality

Connect body mind and heart. Discover yourself and your body. Learn to love your whole self as you are. This enhances your magnetism. Your confidence increases

Live a Magnificent Life!

With all the things you learn and practice with me you feel more connected, confident, happy and conduct your life with ease and joy. You attract the right people and occasions for your magnificent and abundant life!

Hi, I am Klana. I work with individuals and couples who think they've lost their spark, don't feel themselves any more, and miss deep intimacy so that they have harmonious fulfilling relationships and an amazing sex life.

Imagine getting up every morning in a good mood and everything runs smoothly all day long. You feel good about yourself, many great opportunities open up and you keep meeting interesting people. Money flows effortlessly into your pockets. You are in the flow and experience harmony in your private and business life.

That's a new energetic state for you, where your life, your outer world will look different because you will be feeling different inside.

I use all my tools and all my gifts to support you on your journey of transformation

We'll work on the mental, the spiritual and the physical body.

    Clients say:

"I am now better adept at recognizing when I am pushing beyond what is productive and have discovered the greatest power of all for authentic creation – pleasure! I wholly recommend the program for anyone looking to reclaim their sparkle and fire, Klana is an incredibly warm and gifted woman perfect for leading us ladies into more delicious lives!"


"I appreciate Klana's work very much. She responds very closely to my concerns, needs and issues.
After working with Klana I realize much more what I really want and I am now able to tell my partners.
I also like the community with other women. Klana’s leadership enables a natural, loving and honest communication between the female participants in the class. As she holds a safe space, you can address very personal issues.
I applied immediately an insight on the subject of "boundaries" on my next date. It worked well - for both of us!"


"I was over-anxious when it came to what I wanted to do as a job and help people. Now I realize that I want to work as a freelancer.

I am much more present. Life becomes full when you live from this place."


Let's Talk

1. Are you ready to put yourself first and make your pleasure and happiness a priority?

2. Are you ready to invest your time and money in getting the support you need?

3. When you make a commitment, are you ready and willing to do the inner and outer work that's necessary?

If you answered “YES” to all three questions above, you qualify to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with me. We will assess your current situation and determine what you need most to get where you want to go.

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