Klana - The Pleasure Alchemist

Coach für Empowerment, Energy Healing & Bodywork

Klana - The Body-Soul Alchemist

Consciousness - Clarity - Empowerment

Discover your unique path to the life of your dreams

You are overwhelmed and don't know how to escape the hamster wheel.
You put yourself under pressure.
Doubt is a familiar companion.
You are afraid to go further, sabotaging yourself

Does any of this sound familiar?

Imagine you...

Have clarity about your next steps,
Are really comfortable in your own skin,
Know that you are enough,
Feel attractive and confident, and
start every day motivated and full of energy!

When you work with me, you learn to draw from your source, your inner wisdom and feeling.

Often we have lost access to this.

I guide you to yourself so that you act from a place of self-love, trust, inner strength and confidence.

We peel away the layers of conditioning and come back to your essence.

When you are one with yourself and know what your body and mind need, you are confident, you follow and trust your intuition

This brings you calmness and inner peace

Your life and work are much easier.

You stand stable, no matter how strong the wind blows.
You are independent of what others say and walk your unique path.
You radiate a strength and contentment that magnetically attracts the right people.
You decide more easily because you now feel what is right for you.
You go through life more relaxed.

You have the power to take control of your life!

Are you ready for your transformation?

IET® - Integral Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy®

Release your energy blockages in a simple way.


Experience the perfect relaxation.

I offer relaxing energy massages in Berlin-Neukölln.

Empowerment Coaching

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What clients say:

"I was over-anxious when it came to what I wanted to do as a job and help people. Now I realize that I want to work as a freelancer.

I am much more present. Life becomes full when you live from this place."


"I appreciate Klana's work very much. She responds very closely to my concerns, needs and issues.

After working with Klana I realize much more what I really want and I am now able to tell my partners.

I also like the community with other women. Klana’s leadership enables a natural, loving and honest communication between the female participants in the class. As she holds a safe space, you can address very personal issues.

I applied immediately an insight on the subject of "boundaries" on my next date. It worked well - for both of us!"

Claudia, Deutschland

I"I am now better adept at recognizing when I am pushing beyond what is productive and have discovered the greatest power of all for authentic creation – pleasure! I wholly recommend the program for anyone looking to reclaim their sparkle and fire, Klana is an incredibly warm and gifted woman perfect for leading us ladies into more delicious lives!"

Susan, Ibiza

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