Would you like to:

  • Attract more clients and money?
  • Stay healthy in a stressful business?
  • Have more harmony in your business life?
  • Re-connect with your body and feel well in it?
  • Experience more intimacy in your relationship?

... Klana has a wonderful process and vision technique that really uplifts and empowers. I've already started to see results!

- Diahana, USA

I am taking you through my

I D E A L  5 step pathway from Pressure to Pleasure!

Identify what's causing you the pressure.

Define who and where do you want to be.

Explore and connect with your Self and your body.

Activate your magnetic power and accelerate your healing.

Live in pleasure and ease.

That's a new energetic state for you, where your life, your outer world will look different because you will be feeling different inside.

I use all my tools and all my gifts to support you on your journey of transformation. We'll work on the mental, the spiritual and the physical body.

I am now better adept at recognising when I am pushing beyond what is productive and have recognised the greatest power of all for authentic creation – pleasure! I wholly recommend the 30-day program for anyone looking to reclaim their sparkle and fire, Klana is an incredibly warm and gifted woman perfect for leading us ladies into more delicious lives! - 

Nina, England

I appreciate Klana's work very much. She responds very closely to my concerns, needs and issues.
After working with Klana I realize much more what I really want and I am now able to tell my partners.
I also like the community with other women. Klana’s leadership enables a natural, loving and honest communication between the female participants in the class. As she holds a safe space, you can address very personal issues.
I applied immediately an insight on the subject of "boundaries" on my next date. It worked well - for both of us!

Claudia, Germany

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How To Ignite Your Magnetism And Attract The Right People and Opportunities

6 ways to move from pressure to pleasure

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Hi, I am Klana, Sensuality- and Life Coach. I help women in business to move from pressure to pleasure so that they attract the right people and opportunities, stay healthy in a stressful business and have harmonious and fulfilling relationships.