Susann is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Adventurer and Soul Coach.
With her motivating and rejuvenating energy, she guides her clients individually through their own processes. Her inspiration is to see her clients drop their limitations and start living in their full potential.
Susann herself has been on this journey for more than ten years, when she realised that there is so much holding her back from the inside. For her, life is a big unknown adventure that unfolds in every moment. In her coachings and classes she has a natural way of bringing out more of people. Her focus lies on her client´s own experience and integrating it into their everyday lives.
Susann’s presence has the potential to joyfully motivate others to live in the triumph of their vast and wonderful souls.
Her clients are men as well as women.
One of her recently started new projects is creating a network of beautiful women to connect, support and uplift each other. The intention is to empower more women to bring their wonderful feminine qualities into this world and to make them feel supported and inspired by other women.

We covered

* Feeling lost in this world lead Susann to travel and look within
* Susann shared her experience when she went hiking in a bikini into a snowstorm
* Cold showers are helpful in many ways. e.g. they keep you young
* Cold water is a great teacher to become present and focused
* Kundalini Yoga follows the same principle so that you can overcome inner resistances
* In winter she’s walking barefoot in the snow

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