Klana Touch-Massage-Aromatouch Technique

Touched - Relaxed - Energized

In my wellbeing-oasis I would like to "touch" you in many ways: 

Pamper your body, your mind and your senses
and give you an experience that brings your body energies into flow and gives you new strength.
When energy flows undisturbed, we feel our bodies light, warm, pulsating and full of resilience.

You will find peace here, feel safe, and recharge.

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The short break

For example, a quick one
during lunch break

50 EUR / 30 min


Deep relaxation, energy, and connection with yourself

90 EUR / 60 min


Holistic transformation, particularly effective as a series

350 EUR / 90 min

Cultural Bodywork

Cultural Bodywork is based on Hawaiian Kahuna teachings with Maori and Aboriginal influences.

Characteristic for Cultural Bodywork are the long intensive strokes, which are performed over the whole body and give you a deep feeling of wholeness. The muscles are loosened, the metabolism is stimulated and the lymphatic and immune systems are stimulated.

I invite you to really let go, to leave the "ballast" of everyday life behind you.

"I was looking forward to the massage with you, but I was very nervous, not feeling centered due to an event the day before. Also, due to an illness, I often feel confined in my body.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to relax. But my mind was completely empty during the massage. I felt completely safe and loved.

Now I feel spacious. The space I need is back. It's evident that you enjoy what you do!"


Energy Release-Massage

With my intuitive deep relaxation massage I pamper your body, your mind and your senses.

Intuitive flowing stroking, kneading, gentle or vigorous, tailored to your needs, releases tense muscles and brings you relaxation.

Your energy system is balanced with Quantum Energy, your self-healing powers are activated. This massage brings you into a deep rest, your body energies into flow and gives you new strength.

"It was as if patterns had shifted. I felt in my body as if the meridians were aligning, the energy flowing. Muscles and fascia relaxed.
I noticed certain areas relaxing through the treatment. I feel very much in my body and totally beautiful and attractive.

The third eye and crown chakra felt as if they were being cleansed. I saw my power animal.
In the area of the heart, it felt like you pulled out a stake. I feel awake, upright, refreshed, nothing hurts anymore. Like a little Buddha. 

My thought carousel is gone. A wonderful feeling." - Elena

Aromatouch™ Application

doTERRA Aromatouch Technique

The power of touch combined with essential oils.

Treat yourself to a relaxing break from the daily hustle and bustle with energizing and mindful touch.
A coordinated selection of essential oils is applied with gentle movements to your back, neck, head, ears and feet.

The 100% pure, precious essential oils from dōTERRA have a harmonizing, pleasant and soothing effect. They are deeply absorbed into the tissue.

The treatment provides support when stressed, can strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammatory processes and balance the autonomic nervous system.

Wrapped in the most wonderful fragrances, you will experience a wonderful feeling of well-being.

"I slept wonderfully and felt completely clear the next morning. And: I smelled wonderful!" - Edith

Experience first hand how people perceive my massages:




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