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Vivian Best builds thoughtful communities to bring greater awareness and hope for growth, change, and possibility. Vivian supports women to create connections, share resources, and take initiative in their lives by helping them to bring their voices to what truly matters through WomanSpeak and a game called Sparked.She is also a Feldenkrais Practitioner teaching self-aware self-care which allows her to brings her clients more ease and pleasure in movement. Not being able to live your life as you were used to is difficult for most of us, but for extroverts it’s even worse. Vivien shares how her family navigates this Corona time she and her 5 year old daughter being extroverts while her husband is an introvert.

In this episode we covered

  • The positive aspects this time brought to our lives
  • Routines are important
  • What Vivian and her husband did that let them connect deeply
  • How she makes space for herself
  • She and her husband created a system to manage chores and joy
  • The couple clearly prioritizes time together and communicate well
  • How Vivian is gathering people around a game called ‚Sparked’
  • Developing friendships with strangers and cultivating relationships online
  • How learning and being open to new experiences give us new opportunities

Links of things we talked about

For more info about Sparked:
Woman speak:
The game:

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