Katrin Dürkoop is a global nomad, having lived as an expat in Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, UK, and now is to be found in Belgium. 

Her knowledge, presence, wisdom and empathy emerge from more than 20 years of self-exploration, personal development, travels and life in different countries. 

Her 12+ years of professional experience in Human Resources and organizational development as a Career Counsellor in Brussels have provided the foundation for working with people from many diverse backgrounds and cultures. Following a painful separation many years ago, Katrin reclaimed her self- confidence and optimism thanks to the Conscious Uncoupling approach. 

Today she is herself a Conscious Uncoupling coach – dedicated to supporting clients worldwide to heal from their separation grief by identifying recurrent patterns and relationship dynamics and to evolve from there into the next phase of their live with a sense of renewal, trust and faith in the goodness of life. 

We discussed

  • How Katrin became a love & divorce coach
  • What conscious uncoupling and conscious closure mean
  • How to communicate with your children and teenagers when you are in separation
  • That it is possible to separate without being in war
  • Conscious closure is important to set the past free
  • Too many negative emotions from the past will impact your future life and relationships
  • Katrin gives us a quick look into her work with clients

Connect with Katrin

Katrin uses her ability to listen deeply while asking critical questions that catalyze self- directed learning and awakening in others. She shares her gifts by weaving a safe, supportive, transformative sacred space for healing, learning and evolution. Private 1:1 sessions can be booked via skype and in person.  

Website: www.transitiontime.net
Facebook: Katrin Dürkoop

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