Olja Aleksic is a leadership mentor, change management expert and an author.
Her personal breakthrough experience led her from leadership roles in the corporate world to embracing leadership as a lifestyle.
Olja founded Sapfo Groove Initiative in 2019 with a mission to gather, under one roof, leadership experts from around the world that are willing to change the old leadership paradigm and shatter the status quo.
Olja’s path crossed with path of another leadership mentor, René Murata on a same mission. They teamed up and founded the Quantum Leadership Institute in 2020 through which they teach women about this new model of leadership, so different from old patriarchal modality and so needed in current times.

We talked about

* The book we published together with other authors: “ONE – Your Wellness Guide To Body, Mind & Soul”
* Self acceptance and self love in leadership
* The difference of leadership when Olja worked in corporate to how she teaches it today
* Leadership is taking 100% responsibility in all areas of life
* Listen to what your body tells you
* What’s good for someone else isn’t necessarily a good fit for you. So, don’t feel guilty if you do things differently
* After 20 years of physical dis-eases and being in victim mode, Olja took ownership of her life and learned to master her energy
* The outer world is a reflection of your inner world
* We never know which impact we have on others
* Taboo topics in the business world
* What Olja and her business partner René Murata are doing in their newly founded Quantum Leadership Institute
* Olja explains what the Sapfo Groove Initiative stand for

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