026 It’s Refreshing To Be Real

Please welcome Karen Solomon, the author of Sexy, Sassy & Starting Over. As a relationship and sex coach, she teaches the keys to confidence from the bedroom to the boardroom and inspires her clients to create their lives congruent with their deepest needs and desires. Her communication style is bold and edgy, and she seeks to empower both men and women to be their authentic, unadulterated selves. She integrates her foundation as a credentialed teacher with over two decades providing image makeovers and relationship coaching for men and women to serve her clients. Her passion, insight and genuine desire to serve, combined with being direct, compassionate and relatable, leave her clients and online community laughing and loving themselves.

We covered

* What opened up for Karen when she, still single age 35, was invited to an intimacy seminar

* Her first weekend teaching young women “Men, Sex & Money”®

* Taking responsibility vs. blaming others

* The difference between a feminist and being feminine

* Women should allow themselves to receive

* We need to re-educate ourselves to define who we are now

* If we go through life with blinkers, we are going to miss all the other things

* Most relationships are only meant to last a certain amount of time

* Cutting each other loose to find the next place of meeting

* We have the privilege to choose

* Ladies, find your pleasure!  


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