Marlo is a teacher of surrender and serendipity, guiding people to create a peaceful, playful and magical life. She offers small intimate retreats in her home in Hood River, Oregon in the US along with virtual retreats where people can experience the peace, play and magic in their own home.

We talked about

* Together with her husband, Marlo fulfilled her dream to lead retreats in her own property
* The magical world (unicorns, fairies) was activated in her with this new place in Hood River and wakes up this realm in her retreat participants
* How being in her own energy makes it easier for Marlo to navigate these times
* 3 years ago her new retreat center was threatened by a bush fire
* Right after that she got diagnosed with breast cancer
* She shared how she handled these situations and what she learned through this
* Surrender is more than letting go or giving up/releasing

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