More Secrets For Having Fulfilled Sexuality

Moving keeps you fit – and is erotic

I am tall and quite stiff because I sit too much in front of my computer. So, there’s not a lot of sporting activity in my life.

Most of the time you are laying while having sex. At least I did that up until recently – mostly without much movement…  I let my partner do the “work“  🙂

With the Sexological Bodywork sessions, I learned that it is very erotic for me and also for my partner, if I follow my body’s impulses, for instance to sprawl.

When I give an erotic massage, people may move. I even animate them to do so. I follow their dynamics and the outcome of this is a wonderful energy, sometimes like a dance.

My tip for you: Enjoy yourself dancing in front of a mirror. Make a sexy striptease for yourself. And when you are lying down, move in a consciously lascivious way. You will see, it’s fun!

Make Sounds

I don’t know about you, but I used to be very calm during sex. That has changed. I get turned on, if I allow the sounds that voluntarily want to come out. My partner is generally turned on as well.

By the way, this also works vice versa. At least with us women. Try to make deep sounds (an O or an M) and send them into your belly. You will realize that the vibration they cause feels very comfortable and stimulating.

My Tip for you: Just dare to sound and moan like crazy and observe what happens in your body. At first you might want to practice this on your own. Perhaps this makes you laugh, which is a very good precondition for all sexual activity. Don’t you want to have fun anyway?

 woman in bed

Communicate With Your Partner

Do you tell your partner what you like and in which way you like it?

My clients often tell me that it is very calm in their bedrooms.

Especially women often don’t know what they like, because they don’t really know their own body. Quite a lot of women expect their partners to make them happy and give them an orgasm. You are responsible for your own pleasure! No matter if you are a woman or a man.

My Tip for you: Practice self-love/masturbation often; be excessive with pleasure.

Then you can learn to know your body well and you are then able to tell your partner what you need to get into ecstasy. All humans are different and everyone has different preferences. Your partner will be happy, if they come to know how to please you.

I wish you a lot of sensual pleasure on your way to unlocking your erotic potential.

Sensual regards,


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