No Time For My Morning Routine

I usually dedicate 2-3 hours in the morning to my morning routine. That’s why you can’t usually reach me before 11am.

Yesterday was different.

It starts with me jumping out of bed at 10am after glancing at the alarm clock. Because at 11 o’clock I have an appointment with my colleague Sonja.

So there’s no time for a morning routine in the usual sense. While brushing my teeth, I think about everything that needs to be done until Sonja arrives. In the past, I would have quickly become hectic. Today I am calm. I make conscious decisions after defining my priorities and get to work quickly but calmly. 

And this is what it looks like today:

  • Wash and dress.
  • Have breakfast. This is very important to me and usually takes at least 30-40 minutes, including preparation. I usually have oatmeal with a smoothie.
  • Rinse my sprouts and water the fresh seeds.
  • Cleaning toilet and sink in the bathroom so it is clean for my guest.
  • Vacuuming since we want to work on the floor.

The universe is with you if you keep calm

Sure I don’t dawdle, yet I take enough space to eat breakfast and complete all tasks with care and diligence.

In the end, there’s even time to rinse off the breakfast dishes and clean my sink. The universe plays along and holds Sonja up for a few minutes.

Amazing how effective I can be when I don’t put any pressure on myself! 😉

I use the two minutes it takes her to get from the property entrance to my apartment door to briefly center myself with a few deep, conscious breaths.

Everything important to me is done. 

No hurry at all.

I am ready for our session.

Change of position – I am the coachee

Maybe you have noticed that you know a lot and help others with this knowledge. And yet it is often difficult to apply the same things to yourself. And that’s exactly why I, as a coach, also need a coach who guides me through certain processes and brings up painful subjects.

Sonja’s expertise is values, strengths and leadership. She brings clarity to my thoughts that are spinning in circles. Basically what I do with my clients, only specifically related to business.

In principle, yes, my mission is clear to me. I just need the fine-tuning to come out with my message. So we sit on the floor and brainstorm ideas with Post-Its while Sonja keeps asking me on-point questions.

I’ve been struggling so far with how to bring my spiritual nature together with my intellect. There are probably a few obstructive beliefs to be cleared out of the way!

At some points, I feel resistance becoming loud within me. I know this from working with my clients. 

Becoming aware of what emotions are there is the first step to change. 

Then it’s a matter of figuring out if it’s my heart that’s resisting or if it’s my ego that wants to hold me back. Often it is the latter. 

In this case, my resistance is clearly due to my ego. It’s about leaving my comfort zone.

Now a decision has to be made: Do I want to stay in the situation I am used to, or do I want to move forward? Even if I don’t know where this will lead me?

Since I want change, I guess I have to put myself in danger of entering unfamiliar territory. Not for the first time this means for me: feel comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Sonja helps me piece by piece to bring order into my various offers and in the end I have clarity and know which is my next step. Now I just have to take it.

It is not important to look further ahead. You just have to know the rough direction and the first step. The next steps will follow. In recent years, I have gotten out of the habit of planning too far ahead. The environment changes so quickly that you usually can’t carry out your plans as you intended anyway. 

For me, I have found that it is best to be well connected with myself. Because only then can I feel my intuition and act on it, instead of always listening to my mind as I used to in the past. Our intuition is what gets us ahead. The mind would rather keep us in the known, supposedly the safe.

Maybe you are interested in what I am doing now

My first step is to work out an online course where you can get to know me and decide if you like me and my style. If you do, you will then have the opportunity to join my 3-month life coaching program “Your Relationship with Yourself”. 

This is where I show you how to gain mental, emotional and physical clarity for yourself to create a stress-free and harmonious life.

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