Sex education – Really, how free are we?

YES! Precisely! Deliciously! I rejoiced when I looked at this clip for the first time. Not to mention that being a woman, I listened to it with special interest: In my opinion, sex education should be exactly like this. With ease, the uncle introduces the nephew in the practices of “self-love”. What a funny choice of words.

I wished someone would have spoken to me like this, back then. I only remember a few things about sexuality. Masturbation was completely ignored.

For example, a classmate asked me, as we were maybe 10 or 11 years old, “Have you been informed?” I had no idea what she was talking about and asked innocently back: “Informed? About what?“ I felt so ignorant and foolish, after I found out what she meant.

Another thing just pushed itself into my consciousness: there was a book in the house of some relatives with whom we were visiting. I locked the bathroom door and looked curiously at the pictures, realizing the nice sizzling effects in my body. It showed different sex positions. Although, I think I didn’t really understand everything at this time. What stuck with me, was the feeling of doing something exciting, unknown and forbidden.

At home it was not so tight-lipped a subject like in other families. We all ran around naked without shame and generally nobody locked the bathroom door behind them.

As I have now found out, however, the loose handling of nudity does not necessarily equate to the open dealing of sexuality and eroticism. I have experienced some nudists, that were pretty much sexually frozen.

I remember only very inaccurately my own masturbation practices as a child. Like so many things, this is also very good, and above all, firmly tucked in the depths of my memory.


I remember that I did not want to be caught in any case when I touched myself “down there”. Somehow it was very effective for me to cross my legs and firmly tighten them to then feel grateful for the redemption.

It is funny, that as I write this, I remember another detail: Obviously I must have started early on with this practice. Because when I then became aware that the man is entering the penis into the woman two things pop in my mind:

How is this possible when my legs are crossed over? And I learned that there exists a further “entrance”, that had nothing to do with the opening from which the pee pee came.

Wow – interesting, to note that while writing this blog article after so many decades still some of the details from my childhood come to the surface.

I kept my early childhood learning patterns to please myself, until I was taught better in my training as a Sexological Bodyworker. By constantly practicing and trying out new things, I am leaving behind, little by little the retracted, very limited path from my childhood; and opening the way for many new sensations and bodily sexual pleasures.

How is it with you? What information did you learn about sexuality? And to what extent does it affect your sex life today?

I would be happy if you’d write your own experiences in the comment box below. Or send me a private email.

I hope that today’s children and adolescents enjoy a freer sexual education that goes beyond the purely biological facts and also includes practical aspects, feelings and sensations. So that adolescents would be put into a position to experiment and to find out what they need for a fulfilling sexuality in a secure and open environment. Because you can learn to have good sex.

Sensual Greetings,


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