How I Got Rid of Old Beliefs Having an Orgasm

“Are you ready for change?”

She asked me. Immediately I said YES!

The aim was to eliminate one of my debilitating beliefs about money. Which had more control of me, than I would have preferred to have admitted.

She gave me a few simple tasks for the afternoon:

1. Do something which is really good and comforting for my body.

2. Then, write the “belief” on a small piece of paper and burn in a solemn ritual.

3. Give myself an orgasm by taking my time and doing a lovely self-love ritual.

Ugg, and I had “so” many things to do! But, I wanted to finally get ahead and decided to get involved with this experiment.

Always, my business has been in the first position of my life. I rarely took time for myself. In time though, I would find out however, that it was much more fruitful for me when I started first with my own wellbeing. Because only then did everything else about me become more relaxed and I developed my own flow.

And this is how my self-love-afternoon came to be:

When I go into the sea, lying on my back and just floating, I can relax the best. So, this was my choice for task #1. I had remained longer than usual in the water and enjoyed it very much, just to let me “just drive”! My mind really calmed down. 🙂

After a hot shower, I chose a white skirt and a red-colored shirt (I love red), my favorite sandals (of course, also in red). I made my way to the place where I wanted to burn the belief I had before written on a small piece of paper.

It was the perfect day! The sun shone almost cloudless with pleasant temperatures. I wandered for a few minutes along the beach and enjoyed myself on the different shades of blue and turquoise that made the water of the Mediterranean.

There it was, the perfect place to go for my ritual!

A somewhat rocky place, which I had all to myself alone. Right next to the stone on which I sat, the rock steeply fell down to the water. Here I would take my beliefs and hand them over to the sea. I took my piece of paper out, laid it on the rock surface and lit it with the matches I’d brought, being careful not to cause a large fire. I watched as it slowly fluttered down the few feet and was swallowed up immediately by the sea. That felt really good!

It felt so great here that I did not want to go back home. But, in order for me to meet the third part of my three tasks, to make myself orgasm, I had to be in a place where I could perform a beautiful self-loving ritual. As I looked around, I noticed that the rocks where I was were shaped in such a way that I could reasonably be comfortable laying back. I started to breathe deep into my Yoni (Tantric term for female genitalia): Inhaling through the nose, let the breath flow out through the mouth. The whole time, without interruption, so that an imaginary breathing circuit arises in my body.

After several minutes of circular breathing and enjoying this exceptional place and situation, I was overcome by one shower of joy after another. I love this kind of whole body orgasm. It is so different from a mainly genital sensation orgasm. I find this to be just as nice, an enrichment of my own sensual experience. In this case, it couldn’t have been better. I have not even touched myself and had no wild fantasies. I was just present with my breathing, was aware of my body, and felt my full existence. Fantastic!

Incidentally, I didn’t always have the ability to do this. I've learned it, as I have occupied myself daily for a month with physical self-love. This exploring with myself I maintain to this day and teach people in how to do so.

Usually we learn to masturbate in early childhood in a way that very often leads quickly to the end goal. We didn’t want to get caught out of fear of being found out. Usually we keep this pattern well into our adulthood. This change requires continuous practice and unlearning. It is said that it takes at least 21 days in order to learn something new.

You will notice that this method will have a great impact on your life if you practice regularly.

Oh, and in the days to come after my ritual on the rock, I got some several jobs out of nowhere ... 🙂
And now money doesn’t have the “hold” over me it once did!

Sensual greetings,


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