You Can Learn a Lot from Your Clients

As a coach, I bring people into action!

The best way is to start with small projects which you can learn from and thereby test the things that you think you want to do; that they are the real deal. And so do I!

The project I want to talk about in this blogpost is not so small, in fact it’s a “global” reaching project with great potential. Only, it has its challenges.

Thérèse was here in Ibiza and had some private bodywork sessions with me. This opened up a whole new world for her. She asked me:

“How could you bring this to the people who are not able to visit you on the island? My American friends would appreciate what you do.” That was the beginning of our joint project “Exploring Your Southern Hemisphere”.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I stand for unfolding your full erotic potential which you experience best with somatic learning. My expertise is touch. The question: ‘How could I bring this to people via the world wide web?’ Finally I found the solution: I didn’t have to touch the people, but they “could” touch themselves!


In my training to become a certified Sexological Bodyworker, I learned that it was extremely effective to go through a 30 minute daily masturbation practice for 30 days. In doing so, I learned that the relationship with myself changed extremely. Me, now exuding more self-confidence and love, enjoyed my life much more than before and I started to attract people. That was priceless!

Following up upon Thérèse’s curiosity, I quickly set up a 4-week online program and posted it on my website. Thérèse came up with a funny title: “Exploring Your Southern Hemisphere”. The training is created only for women. They should practice on their own, and to support them, I would do a group webinar via Google Hangout once a week.

Thérèse started to promote the workshop in the U.S. Her enthusiasm was contagious, but the women didn’t sign up. She listened well to what they were telling her and let me know that they were concerned about exposing themselves in the group setting. Immediately I thought to offer the option to do the workshop in one-on-one sessions with me.

In the meantime, I started the class in German. Again a perfect possibility for improvement. Due to some technical issues, we weren’t able to use the cameras.

Two things we learned from this:

Firstly, Thérèse and I didn’t come up with the idea: to tell our clients who were afraid to show themselves to everyone else in the class; that they could switch off their cameras!

Secondly, I realized that I felt a much deeper connection to each participant, just by listening and not being distracted by seeing them.

Webinar for women "Exploring Your Southern Hemisphere"

Thérèse and I continue to exchange our experiences. That helps us to get better in offering the right products for you. Please let us know, what you need and want to hear/read here. I want you to get the most out of my blog and my offers!

My little story is an example of how you can learn by doing projects. I want to encourage you to go into action and start your own project; whatever it might be. Perhaps you will even want to explore your ‘own’ southern hemisphere and get more familiar with your ‘own’ private parts.  😉 

Sensual greetings,


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