Lucie Lynch is a Singer/Songwriter, Playwright and Vocal Empowerment Coach that utilizes the power of sound to support others in finding their unique voice and express their truth. She performs online 3 to 5 times a week with her LUCIE LYNCH LOVE CHANNEL, where she lifts up the spirits around her with song and story. You could call it mini musical coaching sessions.

We covered

* Lucie’s miracle stories
* Luck loves courage
* She uses her imagination to create her beautiful life
* It’s important to be compassionate with yourself
* Integrating the dark with the light
* Her successful musical around money that she wrote with her co-producer Marcia Zina Mager when both were broke years ago
* Lucie’s childlike life approach helps her to step back to a bird’s perspective
* Her special gift to sing energy, which means she’s channeling the text while singing
* How Lucie helps people shift their reality using their voice

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