Abi Fox, is a creative plant based chef, inspirational speaker & food Alchemist. She believes food to be a transformational tool and uses it to help those who struggle with low cooking confidence and emotional eating to create a healthy relationship with food, build trust and love themselves.

We covered

* How Abi transformed the ‘normal’ Indian dishes, her mom cooked, into healthier and/or plant-based versions
* She worked as a coach when she realized that she wanted to cook on retreats and 
* That she manifested exactly this within a few weeks
* How cooking became a creative outlet
* and helped heal her relationship to food
* The energy of food and eating as a ritual vs. filling us up or numbing us out
* How important it is to be present with our food
* Since Abi couldn’t do all planned retreats this year, she turned to teaching cooking online
* How Abi and Klana learned to create flexible structures to plan our days.

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