A Bride Without Orgasm

Bride without orgasm

Guest article from Alexandra Haas – Special Moments, Zürich The girls were really on it. They were enjoying their hen night, the Prosecco flowed freely, the catering was delicious, and everyone was in a playful mood. They had booked the deluxe package and were enjoying it to the fullest. I tried to keep up though,…

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How I Got Rid of Old Beliefs Having an Orgasm

Blick auf Sta Eulalia

“Are you ready for change?” She asked me. Immediately I said YES! The aim was to eliminate one of my debilitating beliefs about money. Which had more control of me, than I would have preferred to have admitted. She gave me a few simple tasks for the afternoon: 1. Do something which is really good…

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You Can Learn a Lot from Your Clients

As a coach, I bring people into action! The best way is to start with small projects which you can learn from and thereby test the things that you think you want to do; that they are the real deal. And so do I! The project I want to talk about in this blogpost is…

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So When Is It Wrong To Talk About Sex And Pleasure In The Same Instance?

I give myself permission to talk about sex as though it’s really important – as important as politics and elections and human rights and stopping global warming and ending poverty and curing cancer. SEX IS THAT IMPORTANT                      – Barbara Carrellas “So When Is It Wrong…

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What you think about yourself and your body determines who you are

I sit on the promenade in Santa Eulalia with a tasty ice cream and watch the strolling people and the turmoil on the beach. The least women comply with the standard image of beauty: slim models that smile at us from billboards and advertising photos. Also I see only occasionally a man who comes close…

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Genital Mapping

Genital Mapping? – What’s that? Genital Mapping is one of the central methods in Sexological Bodywork that often leads to deep experiences for the people who get the mapping. This form of touch opens new possibilities to feel our body, especially genitalia and anus (Anal Mapping). It leads to re-establish the connection to these body…

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Help, I Cannot Get An Orgasm! – Am I Normal?

“I cannot have an orgasm.“ This is what I hear quite often from my clients. Did you know that 10-15 % of women have never had one? Up to 50 % only occasionally have an orgasm. So, don’t worry if you are belonging to that group. It’s nothing unusual. When I dig deeper into the…

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