012 How To Get What You Want

Vincent Clohessy has been fascinated by love and relationship dynamics since he was seven years old, when he first met and fell for his new classmate Melissa. Growing up in pubs in London’s East End in the late 70’s and early 80’s was an education in how people can be difficult with each other. Having…

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011 Spiritual Lessons From This Pandemic

What a delightful spiritual talk with Areena! Areena Narang is a multi passionate entrepreneur, Reiki master teacher, hypnotherapist, Intuitive counselor and explorer. It is her absolute passion to inspire others to live a happy healthy abundant life. In this episode we covered: Card reading is like talking to your best friend Sometimes we need to…

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010 Change Your Home, Change Your Life

Rima Nouri is a trained tri-lingual Life Coach and the founder of Elegant Alchemy, who helps women to cultivate a rich inner world, whilst creating an elegant outer one. Her motto: “Alchemy is what we do, elegant is how we do it.” Houses are her passion and she has been sharing her extensive knowledge of the…

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009 Find Pleasure in Challenging Times

Today I have a colorful conversation with Ultra Lume about relationship and more in these challenging times of lockdowns. Ultra Lume helps soul led female entrepreneurs unlock their exact success blueprint using Law of Attraction and helps them discover their pleasure-play-profit business model. To learn more, visit the ‘Organic Manifesting’ Podcast where she shares her…

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008 Intuition in Business

Ana Goncalves is a Women’s Leadership & Spiritual Business Mentor & Psychic Channel with 20 years of experience in business development, intuition and energy mastery. She supports women entrepreneurs, and women at a crossroads in their lives from leaving corporate careers to re-discover themselves, overcome emotional and energetic challenges to fully run and create sustainable…

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006 Marriage in Time of Crisis

Caroline Minelli accompanies loving wives who have had enough of feeling alone and who finally want to get the love they have always wanted from their husband. With or without the help of their partners, we find ways to turn their marriage into the relationship of their dreams. Together we find ways out of hopelessness…

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Reacting vs Responding

The other day my colleague Vincent Clohessy and I showed in a role play on a Facebook live, how communication can fall into blaming, shaming, avoiding responsibility, defending yourself, being abusive. I started the conversation out of anger, telling Vincent what he did wrong. He got triggered, started to defend himself and to remember all…

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How I healed some of my fears in Egypt

How to conquer your fear in narrow rooms

Last month in Egypt, I faced one of my deepest fears. Since early childhood I was afraid of darkness, and claustrophobic in narrow rooms and in big crowds of people. That kept me from experiencing a lot of exciting things during my whole life. Entering the first pyramid, I turned around after 3 meters. I…

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Good sex can be learned! – The Clitoris

Clitoris - only purpose is pleasure

The media inundates us with permissive forms. Nudity is everywhere. So you would think that we are free to deal with sexuality, to talk about it openly. But far from it! Speaking about often dominates with boredom, frustration and even speechlessness in the bedroom. How can we have fulfilled sexuality? Sex education, if it exists…

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How Alive Do You Want To Be?

Klana und Vinnie Monaco

I’ve had the pleasure of having a dear friend of mine visit me on the island from Australia these last few days. Dr. Vinnie Monaco is on his ‘Aliveness Tour’ throughout Europe and the United States. Vinnie is a former Chippendale stripper! He started his tour on Ibiza at Santa Eulalia del Rio with a…

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