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Charla Hathaway, sex and intimacy coach, PhD., CSB, helps students learn ways to touch, talk and play with others.  Author of Erotic Massage: Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure (reprinted in seven languages), and 8 Erotic Nights, Charla empowers students to express clear consent and choice in sexuality, the heart of erotic self awareness and trust.   She performs a solo show, Naked at My Age: Grandma’s Sexual Renaissance leads to risk, lust and healing in the Oldest Profession.  
This is not only for the older generation! Younger women can already learn a lot from our experiences that we share.

We discussed

  • Sex changes as you get older
  • The older you get the possibilities seem to get bigger
  • Practical tipps what you can do to not loose interest in sex when you grow older
  • It’s about your Attitude towards sex, as it is about your attitude towards everything in your life
  • Dr. Charla answers the question “Does size matter?”
  • How her 85 year old mother enjoys her orgasms
  • What she does when she is with a man who wants to take the lead and is too fast
  • How to teach a man to not “dive in” without permission
  • How to bring playfulness into sex and make it a game

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