Pat Alva-Kraker is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with businesses in business consulting, real estate private lending, ranching and Ibuumerang.
Pat has combined 35 years as a Project Engineer with companies such as IBM and Lockheed Martin, 10 years in real estate and certifications in Reiki and Polarity therapy into a unique business consulting practice.
Pat is the author of the forthcoming book Katherine’s Quest: One Woman Journey to Elation, which will be released this fall.

We talked about

* Pat’s forthcoming book “Katherine’s Quest”
* A severe diagnosis that was a wake-up call for Pat,
* And her ‘Aha’ from that
* The decisions Pat took to heal herself
* About her 7 self care habit for busy women (Stay until the end to learn how you can get them)
* Establishing boundaries to say ‘no’ more often than ‘yes’
* If you really want to change, it needs practice over a longer period to let go of old patterns
* Your mind, body and soul support you to live a great life if you start taking care of yourself
* How important it is to celebrate yourself
* It’s crucial to surround yourself with inspiring people

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