As a Coach, Inspirer, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Ambassador, Nina supports women in the process of breaking free from their limiting conditioning so that they can design, live and enjoy a self-determined life. In 2016, Nina had her own breakthrough from a life in corporate marketing that wasn’t of her own design and desires anymore. 
She has been diving deep ever since, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to free herself from the cage of conditioning, the act and process of self-love being the most important foundation of this journey called life.

We talked about

* The turning point in Nina’s life
* How she stepped away from her marketing career
* The importance of having a coach/mentor on the path of transformation, who helped her to get clear on what she wants
* Allow yourself to accept help. It’s not a weakness.
* The freedom of being self employed
* Different methods of self care like meditation, yoga, journaling and essential oils
* Self care is crucial if you want to support others
* Nina shares her thoughts about meditation and how she varies her practice
* There is no “one fits all” solution

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