After working for 25 years as a marketer with expertise in Ethics and Compliance, Miriam Grunhaus, a native of Brazil, entered the world of Fashion Design. Miriam’s commitment is to the women she serves. 
After learning about Kintsugi (the Japanese art of mending pottery) and feeling empowered by its message, Miriam decided that her brand Mikah will be a source of hope and support for women. Mikah’s mission is to empower women to accept themselves with all of their imperfections and limitations. We want women to “wear their scars” with pride; to understand that each one of us is a unique work in progress. 
We want women to know that they are beautiful; not despite their circumstances, but because of them. We want to empower women to own their struggles – and in doing so – to own their strength. 
Miriam’s first book, ‘Heal with Gold’ is available on Amazon and has been endorsed by many including Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, PhD, author of the New York Times Best Seller Happier, and founder of the Happiness Studies Academy. 
Miriam is also a public speaker and has her own weekly show at the Heal with Gold Facebook group. The Heal with Gold course will be available in January of 21.

We covered

* How Miriam used her business as a drug to numb her pain
* She felt broken and dead inside until she started to heal through other people’s stories
* The Aha-moment when she watched a video about Kintsugi
* And how this changed her life
* Kintsugi taught her that life is about breaking and mending
* Kindness and helping others is the biggest catalyst for her to feeling joyful
* When you give purpose to your pain, you accept to go through that adversity
* Miriam is a goal setter and acknowledges herself on a regular basis
* A morning routine let’s her start every day in a positive way

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