Genital Mapping? – What’s that?

Genital Mapping is one of the central methods in Sexological Bodywork that often leads to deep experiences for the people who get the mapping.

This form of touch opens new possibilities to feel our body, especially genitalia and anus (Anal Mapping). It leads to re-establish the connection to these body areas. Some women don’t have a deliberate connection to their vagina. The mapping can give them access to an inner experience.

Different areas are touched and you feel into the sensations. Ask yourself: “Is it the same or different when the giver changes location, pressure and movement?”

With good communication between giver and receiver, and feedback, they are able to create a detailed map from „Down there“.

You might want to do this exercise with your partner at home, even though it is not very sensual. But it is perhaps exactly this scientific approach and distance that gives you an opportunity to connect on another level. A Sexological Bodyworker however is an expert with specific knowledge to conduct you through this profound experience.

In the following video Thérèse describes her experiences with a Vagina Mapping.

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